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Dr. Sailakshmi Balijepally

A pediatrician, Dr.Sailakshmi Balijepally works towards reducing child mortality among the most poor by raising their access to quality healthcare. To achieve this,she links communities, schools, universities, and public providers to public health care in order to build health awareness, enhance health-seeking behaviors and make care inclusive, accountable, and effective. Focusing on neonatal and paediatric care, Dr.Sai involves stakeholders such as local governments, educational institutions, and private providers to address the gaps in public health care.

Taking a partnership approach Dr. Sai gained the trust of the government medical system by offering solutions to the biggest problems it is facing.By intervening from within the system and leveraging existing government budgets and schemes, Dr. Sai addresses major governance and management requirements. She is the Founder and Managing Trustee of the Organization. Dr.Sailakshmii salsothe recipient of the “NariShakthiPuraskar” presented by His Excellency, the President of Indiain 2015.

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