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What does the word "EKAM" mean?

“EKAM” is a Sanskrit word which means “oneness” . We should all try to come together as a unit to build the strength for any given cause. The problems in today's scenario are solely ‘OUR’ responsibility and hence we need to be together to reform the situation.

Why was EKAM started by Dr. Sailakshmi Balijepalli?

While serving as a paediatrician in a Govt. hospital in Hyderabad, she noted that some children would die to due to lack of basic resources, even by the time she would finish rounds daily. This made her resolve to bring a change in such conditions. She later moved to Chennai and had similar experiences of infants and neonates dying in ICU due to heat stroke, as they did not have air-conditioning. She then started EKAM.Inspite of unfavourable odds at times, trying to support numerous children with minimal funds, she has managed to provide support to many children and helped ease the discomfort of parents who could not afford health care for their children. Dr. Sai Lakshmi has received numerous awards for her work through EKAM.

What are the various ways in which EKAM gets funded?

EKAM gets funded mainly through it’s donors who extend their support from various corners of the world. Besides, we are always on an attempt to gain some valuable grants from government as well as funding organisations. We also try to pitch for some important CSR projects where our projects get funded in a good way. Then we intend to stand upon some paid opportunities of task line outsourcings such as recruitments, trainings, surveys etc.

The donors who donate to EKAM FOUNDATION, are they given tax exemption for their respective donations?

We have tax exemption provisions for our donors from INDIA (80G) and USA (501c3). For other countries, we are in process of gaining such tax exemption statuaries. Although, donors can donate from any country through our FCRA account. Receipts are definitely issued for each donation made.

In what ways and for what purpose the funds are utilised by EKAM?

Funds within EKAM are utilised for our projects which are aimed at life saving. The distribution of the expenses comes in the form of various headers such as hospitalisation expenses, lab investigations, drug supports, equipment maintenance, ambulance services etc. Besides there are related other auxiliary activities such as screening camps, awareness drives, workshops, education programmes which require funding input for logistic reasons. Although most of our integral structure is honorary and through volunteers, we do have administrative costs which are required on routine scale. Each fund movement is cordially advised, planned, executed, monitored and followed up by our integral advisors and auditors.

What are the different types of organisations, which can partner/associate/collaborate with EKAM?

We seek the support of likeminded organizations and individuals and invite them to join hands with us. Organisations such as corporates, academic institutes, profit/non profit making organisations, government bodies, NGOs, communities, social organisations and all, we welcome everybody to get along with us. Then there are individuals who can support us by themselves or come up as group representatives.

What is EKAM helpline? How does it work?

EKAM Foundation has a 24/7 helpline number which attends to the urgent medical needs of underprivileged child or mother. Anyone in need of urgent medical support can call the helpline number and the Patient Welfare Department (PWD) of EKAM will act immediately to render appropriate medical help based on the request placed over the phone call.

I wish to get associated with EKAM. How to go about it?

You may contact EKAM through email along with your profile and proposal. Also you may call /contact any of our representatives to convey your message on the same.

How do hospitals get networked with EKAM?

Any hospital which is identified for integrating into our network is firstly contacted by our team to know the exact terms and conditions. Then once the final word is spoken and agreed upon, a proper attested MoU is executed. Finally our field staff and other related personnel are informed about the same.

What necessary statuary documents EKAM has?

EKAM is registered as a non profit trust in Chennai (India). It is equipped with its registration certificate, PAN Card, tax exemption under 80G (INDIA), ITRs for all subsequent years and all necessary statuary documents which stand mandatory and important as per the laws.

Are there any references whom we can talk to about EKAM?

Sure you may feel free to have a word with all our collaborators, partners, associates, donors, volunteers and well wishers who have supported us through out. UNICEF, SEWA International, ECGC, APPOLO HOSPITALS – Chennai, THE HINDU, NRHM, Principal Health Secretary (Tamil Nadu). Principal Health Secretary (Chhatisgarh) are few to name on this. Then we are graced with the support of our goodwill ambassadors and representatives who could be interacted with to gain a further sight on EKAM.

Can I visit your office and interact with your team?

Yes! You are most welcome to visit and interact with us. However, we request to gain a consent prior which will be in the honour and interest of everybody's availability. We respect the essence of time for everybody.

I wish to take a tour on field activities of EKAM. Is that possible?

Yes it is possible! But we encourage you to gain a prior consent on the same by intimating us well in time.

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