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Setting up Nutri Garden & Herbal Garden

As per AYUSH guidelines, herbal gardens are set at PHCs. Setting up of the herbal garden is to improve resource divergence by identifying the commonly available herbs and utilizing it to the economic benefit of the community. The kitchen gardens are set up integrating solid and liquid waste management. The solid waste generated within the campus is converted into manure and is used for the plants. Both kitchen garden and herbal garden are a way to effectively manage the available resources in the society and utilize it for the development of the community.


One of the key focus areas is to set up kitchen gardens at the educational institutions, anganwadis, ICDS centers, primary health centers and all the government facilities utilizing the bare lands in the vicinity. Herbal gardens will be set up at PHCs.

Primary Objectives

  1. Promote safe food consumption
  2. Sensitize and motivate the community to use their bare lands for kitchen garden through this knowledge transfer

Secondary Objectives

  1. Convert bare lands into green cover
  2. Control pollution
  3. Enhance ambience
  4. Protect children from poisonous insects by removing the bushes
  5. The safe poison free harvest can be used for children in the anganwadi centers and schools through Noon meal programme


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