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Baby Deva Varshini

10 Aug 2021 1:10 PM | EKAM Foundation (Administrator)

The Gift of Life for Baby Deva Varshini

Manikandan & Lakshmi reside in Thirukkalimedu village of Kancheepuram District. On 13/4/2017, Lakshmi gave birth to a female child named Deva Varshini at the Kancheepuram Govt. Hospital, and after 5 days, the baby faced difficulty in breathing and feeding. So she was referred to the Institute of Child Health (Egmore). There, the child was diagnosed with large

sub-arterial VSD restricted by RCC causing mild AR, Moderate VSD shunt left to right, VSD gradient 40 mm Hg for which they advised to continue medication for a certain period of time. In the month of October, one of our staff nurses from Kancheepuram District Early Intervention Centre came to know about the health condition of the child.

She referred this child to our District Coordinator Mr. Rudhrakotti and the medical reports were forwarded to Dr. Harapriya – consultant Pediatric Cardiologist from MIOT hospital to get medical opinion.

Deva Varshini was later evaluated and recommended a very complicated but much needed procedure to repair the valves of her heart. The cost for the procedure could not be afforded by the family (whose total income per day was less than 100 Rs). The concerned parents did not know what to do and explained their plight to the consultant doctor who approached Ekam and asked her to support part-costs of the treatment so that the child could undergo the emergency procedure without further delay. Ekam immediately arranged for the procedure to be conducted and raised money through our contacts. On the 8th of December 2017, the child was admitted for the surgery.

The procedure was a huge success and Deva Varshini was discharged without any complications. Her parent’s joys knew no bounds when they saw the smiling child, free of pain and illness.

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