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Training on Kitchen Garden & Herbal Garden

The practice of a kitchen and community gardening is widespread as both collective gardens and individually allocated spaces. The practice of gardens is a useful activity where people grow vegetables individually or on household basis in spaces within their possession rather in a collective effort on allotted space.

Hence, encouraging or enhancing kitchen and herbal vegetable gardening at home can play a significant role in improving food security to resource poor rural and urban households in providing additional sources of fresh and nutritionally rich food products. But people are unaware of how to set up a kitchen garden.


The aim of the program is to train the students and community people on kitchen garden and herbal gardens.

Primary objectives

  1. To train students and community people on kitchen garden and herbal garden

Secondary objectives

  1. To create awareness about kitchen gardening.
  2. To improve skills for growing fresh and safe vegetables without use of any pesticide.
  3. To provide complete set of production technology including quality seedlings and potted plants of summer and winter vegetables.


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